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Beach Book of the Year

It is unabashedly honest and therefore brave, making the words shine with a brilliance that comes naturally with naked feeling

Peter Fitzpatrick of the US Review of Books

I read a lot of poetry in any given week, as well as anthologies. I try to take in the essence of each poem like I would take a sip of fine wine. In the case of An Agreement with Love, I drank the whole bottle in one sitting. Her poetry is exceptional

Leslie Moon of One Stop Poetry Blog

My experience with Mercier’s work has been that each new reading brings new understanding of my own journey that is shared with all women everywhere throughout time.

Vickie Adair, Author, and Editor

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If you’ve been thinking about creating video products for sale on the Internet or writing a great video script, you have probably been throwing around more ideas than guessing what happens to do with. This is a simple trap to fall into. It is critical to do some brainstorming for ideas initially, but always be certain to place a limit on your own concept advancement stage. If you let it drag on, you may never get anything carried out.


Collection deadlines for yourself even though you think that you don’t need to. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re making progress toward your goal when in fact you haven’t gotten anything done

The failure to concentrate on one project and make it to successful completion is a clear sign that you’re procrastinating. In the event that you get you brainstorm for creating a different video product every day, but you still havent produced a finished product to market on the Internet, today make up your mind to accomplish something about it.

Suppose your friends all state youre an all natural comedian. Youve been playing around with the thought of creating a comedy schedule or skit. The only way to get it done is by establishing priorities, sticking to an idea, and placing deadlines.

Shoot the video

Set a complete day to shoot the video. You have to do this and stick to it. Strategy this as if you were performing a task for hire. When you push you to ultimately get stuff done, youll begin to notice a huge difference in the outcomes you get. How much period you give yourself depends upon how much period it is possible to spend working on the project, of program. If youre doing this at night or on the weekends, you certainly need more time than a full-time Internet marketer who can be planning a promo video for a web site. Obtain up 1 hour earlier in the event thats the only way you will discover time to do it. It as a job for just one month approach. From today set your aim for one month. Stop great deal of thought and start composing a script.


Individuals who get items done understand that there is never a perfect time to start. People who wait for motivation before a script is started by them never get started. As Jack London stated, “You cant await inspiration. You need to go after it with a golf club.” You have to obtain something down on paper to result in connections between suggestions. My best concepts always come during the composing process-never in the “considering what to write” stage.

DayTime Job

 “Narrow your concentrate and set a full day time to shoot”

Experience has taught me to begin writing and get it all down on paper just. When I have a first draft before me, I obtain inspired. I discover all kinds of things I never could have seen without the stimulus of the thoughts that arrived seemingly out of nowhere as I was working on the first draft of my script.

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