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If you stumbled upon us than more than likely you are in search for an answer. An answer regarding love, relationships or dealing with any of the above. The best way is to gain insight to a romantic adventure is by writing about it. Learning to write romantic stories will lead you down a path that will teach you the dynamics of two people bonded into a relationship.

So why would you start this journey of writing romance if you never had intent to do so? Well, you want to be the master of your craft. Analyze and break down everything to the smallest details and off you go.ex-girlfriend romance There is going to be times when you will see the bigger picture in a situation that would made you scratch your head without this knowledge. You will see more clear why things happen and it will be easier to steer your relationship towards the right direction. You also be able to for see an up coming break up and it least it will not hit you unexpected and it will be less painful.

The ability of understanding how things work in a relationship is understated in our times. Communication is key, in any long term agreement to work flawless. Especially if this agreement you make is with the greatest force of the universe: Love.

No man or woman can be sure about how long their bond will last. Maybe a couple of years or it might last forever. One thing is sure, it lasts longer and the quality is higher if both parties are attentive to the others needs. Heart logoThe key is attention and understanding. How do you understand something that is so great and mystical as love? How the elders used to learn about all they had to know? Stories. Tales. Everything that happened already, provided them as a recorded material to prove what is working and what isn’t in the game of relationships.

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